Our vision


It’s hard to imagine. Nearly 2 million men and women have been drawn into the sex trade through a desire for a better life. Whether by poverty, the hope of better opportunities, or through pressure from their family they find themselves trapped in a social and economic dependency cycle with no hope of breaking out.

Samaritan Creations exists to rescue, restore, and empower women ensnared by the sex trade in Thailand with the grace and love of God.

By offering women an alternative means of income to prostitution we enable them to leave the sex trade and begin a new future for their lives. Samaritan Creations does this through entrepreneurial training and funding of these women for helping them learn the skills needed to not only support themselves, but to return to their communities where they can become positive agents for social change and economic renewal. We currently partner with these women to help them produce a growing variety of products and trade skills that they can use to begin to become financially independent. We also assist the women in building a positive spiritual identity, giving them hope for the future.


We believe that the sex industry in Thailand will only be defeated through the Gospel influence of believers and churches working for positive change in their communities. Therefore, church planting is also an important part of our strategy.

Our work

  • ”Rescue”
    • Bar Outreach – Building ongoing relationships with the women in the bars.
    • Entrance Interview – Taking the time to walk through the process with women who are interested in leaving the sex trade.
  • ”Nurture”
    • Transition – Helping new members integrate into the ministry and home.
    • Counseling – Providing counseling for processing through the damage from their previous lifestyle.
    • Community – Building a sense of community and belonging within the ministry and home.
  • ”Develop”
    • Training – Working with the women to build employment and small business skills while supporting themselves through the various ministry projects.
    • Life Skills – Training the women in building character, confidence, and a healthy identity as they work together towards successful goals.
    • Continuing Education – For those that desire, we will work them on completing a range of continuing education goals.
  • ”Empower”
    • Discipleship – Walking women through a new life empowered by the grace of God.
    • Outreach – Helping these women come full circle and become the agents for change in the very areas that they once left. Women will reach out to former friends and co-workers in the bars, or in the communities and villages where they originally came from.
    • Business Assistance – For those who are ready to start their own business, we will help them in any way possible.
    • Church Ministry – For those who are ready to re-enter, we work to make sure they become connected with either a local church fellowship or part of a new team to help start a new fellowship in their community.
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