Our Current Projects


Bar Outreach Ministry

Samaritan Creations currently reaches out to women involved in the sex trade in Thailand. As we build relationships with these women, we not only share the hope and love of Christ, but work with them to begin imagining a life outside of the one they are currently trapped in.

Product Development

product-devSamaritan Creations is constantly working with the women who join us to develop products that are beautiful and provide a sustainable trade – this includes many of the products seen on this web site. Not only does creating these items open up new options to the women to learn how to support themselves, but it also trains them in gaining the necessary character and trade skills needed to stand on their own two feet.

Slum Ministry

slumSamaritan Creations currently helps support a daughter church just outside of Bangkok, in a slum community area. This ministry is primarily focused on human trafficking prevention work via educational sponsorship and a Saturday morning program for at-risk youth in the community.

Coffee Shop and Bakery

The first floor of the main Samaritan Creations building is slowly undergoing a transformation into a coffee shop. The coffee shop will help provide a source of revenue for Samaritan Creations, but more importantly, it will also provide another venue to sharpen the skills and abilities of Samaritan Creations’ members. This has also presented an opportunity for our women to interact with community members in the neighborhood. Once the coffee shop is up and running, a bakery specializing in cake decorating will be added.

Mushroom Farm

mushroomosWe have also been building a small mushroom farm on the premises. This is being developed to become both a source of food and income, and another opportunity for women to develop practical small business skills.

Housing for Women

Our women share one of the floors of the main Samaritan Creations building. They currently divide up the open floor space by the use of furniture and other creative means. However, we are working on putting up walls so that each woman (or even small family in some cases) can have their own private and unique space.

Other Projects in Development

Guest House; Bamboo Fabric Production; Family Tour Company; Photo Studio; Miniature Golf; Ropes/Adventure/Zip Line Course; Thai Cooking Classes


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