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Everything we make is devoted to one goal and purpose. To help the women we work with develop a life of beauty and freedom – a life that they can be proud of. Take a tour of some of our latest product designs which are available in select retail outlets and online partners. To see and order specific items, please find one of our retail partners by clicking the link below.

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“God Sees” Bracelet

“God Sees” Necklace

“God Sees” Earrings

Sunshine Dress

Paisley Leaf Dress

Good Samaritan Necklace

Good Samaritan Earrings

Traditional Thai Handbag

“The Marisa” Handbag

Shooting Star Hoop Earrings

“God Leads” Necklace

Sweetheart Doll

Beloved Bracelet

Beloved Necklace