Do you know that Samaritan Creations runs on about $5,000 a month, almost all of which comes from product sales? We create textile products, jewelry made from semi-precious stones, leather work, and more. The more we sell the more women we can help leave prostitution behind.

The picture here features some of our newest creations.

Imagine not knowing the day, month, or even the year of your birth. We were honored to provide a birthday party and cake for one of our women, a first for her.

She was previously worthless in the eyes of the world, but now she is valued as a member of Samaritan Creations’ family.

We picked Nov. 1 as her birthday to be celebrated with our family.

Thank you!

We would like to thank everyone who has sold or bought Samaritan Creations’ products. It allowed us to take an end of the year trip with the women and their families. 34 people enjoyed Safari World this year because of you. Thank you!

Today, my (Kay) job was to watch the kids. At Samaritan Creations we have numerous tasks for volunteers.

What is your gift?

Let us know, we are always looking for volunteers.

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